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Gradi, Inc. Q1 2024 (February + March) Investor Update

Hello everyone,

Below are updates for Q2 (February + March) 2024.

Our primary focus this quarter has been on evaluating the current state of the Gradi Consumer app, with Bharath, our CTO, and deciding that a complete rebuild was necessary for long-term growth and scalability. Through making this decision, we have decided to turn the current MVP, which is the Gradi menu experience, into a standalone product, 'Gradi Menus'.

First principle thinking had to be applied to many areas, such as rethinking and rearchitecting data models, choosing the best tech stack, technologies, etc., that will allow for a modular development environment, ensuring that the Gradi Consumer app is built using the best architectural approach.

After selecting Firebase as our database and adopting native tech stacks—Swift for iOS and Jetpack Compose for Android—that best serve our needs, we began working through the important flowcharts within the product. One of these flowcharts represents the overarching vision for Gradi since its inception, which is to enable users to upload photos of menu items.

Following these foundational steps, we're planning our development roadmap, rebuilding the user interface, and preparing a relaunched app that will soon be available for testing.

Along with these development advancements, we are currently working with a team to rebuild the 'Gradi Menus' website so that proper customer journeys, product demos, and resources are in place for all current and future subscribers. Having these elements in place is essential for automation, which will allow us to efficiently and cost-effectively scale the menu network while the consumer app is being rebuilt.

Q1 2024 (February + March) Continued Progress:

  • Continuing to maintain our current partners in parallel with these new developments.

  • All-Time Menu Visits: 842,000 (5%+ Growth)

Goals for 2024:

  • (NEW) Convert the Gradi web menu platform and Gradi Partner Mobile app into a stand-alone product 'Gradi Menus'

  • (NEW) Rebuild the 'Gradi Menus' website, focusing on enhancing customer journeys, creating product demos, and ensuring resource accessibility for all new and future subscribers.

  • (NEW) Scale the development team that will work directly under Bharath's guidance. We are already in talks with a great candidate, Arka, who interned with us in the summer of 2022 and is willing to work for equity. However, we are also in talks with other candidates to ensure that we work with individuals who best align with the Gradi vision.

  • (In the works) Introduce consumer profiles which will allow users to take and upload pictures of their menu item(s) to both of the Gradi Consumer Apps (iOS & Android)

  • Launch Gradi Consumer App for Android

  • Implement Google Ads on Gradi Consumer App for Android

  • Begin paying users for the content (menu item photos) that they contribute

  • Scale Gradi Consumer App to users all across Texas (No QR Code Menus Needed)

  • Get a new (smaller office)

  • Increase Revenue & Profitability

Each of you who participated in the first convertible note round, which ended on January 30th, 2024, should have received your conversion agreements yesterday. Please review the agreement promptly and sign it to proceed with converting your investment into shares of Gradi, Inc. Signing this agreement will ensure that your investment is converted into equity (stock).

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.


Zachary Dowthitt

(C) 713.854.1627

Chief Executive Officer



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