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Over 100,000 locals have used Gradi menus. Join our exclusive partnered network to see why we're now on over 1,000+ tables in Houston, TX.
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Manage everything. All from one app.

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Instant Updates.

Manage your entire menu all from the Gradi Partner App. Instantly add or update item availability, design, and change prices. Digital menus are here to stay. Your location deserves the instant benefits.
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Track Results.

The Gradi Partner App allows you to keep track of your data. Know exactly how many customers have used your menu on a daily basis and all time. Item popularity statistics are coming soon with the Gradi Smart Menu update!
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Get more customers.

Your location will be seen by thousands of locals every day. This is included in your subscription at no additional cost. Own your exposure.
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Regular menus do not bring in new business. Gradi menus do!
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Gradi menus are sharable. Customers love this benefit!
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Want even more business? Sponsor your location with Gradi Explore.
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