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Gradi Premium Membership

Only if you do not have a link to your menu(s), please click the link below to take photos or add each existing image of your menu. 


Click here to add your menu.



  1. Click Link
  2. Click the Blue Cloud
  3. Choose Image or Take Photos (Please make sure there is limited blur and good lighting)
  4. Keep Auto delete image on "Don't autodelete"
  5. If you have more than one menu image. Click "your devide/computer" or "take a picture"
  6. Click the Green Upload Button
  7. Copy Link
  8. Add it to the Menu Link Text Field.


Gradi Premium Membership

PriceFrom $199.00
Price Options
Gradi (Monthly)
$199.00every month until canceled
Gradi (Annually)
$2,388.00every year until canceled
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