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Gradi Investor Update - Jan 2023

Hello everyone, Happy 2023! Gradi has made a ton of progress since the last update!


Major Update: The Gradi Consumer App 1.3 is now live on the App Store!

Click Here to View! This update includes:

  • Search by item (Gradi food and drink search engine)

  • Search for locations (Partners)

  • Menus are now linked to all items and locations searched or explored

  • Items are now shareable (Increasing organic growth and referrals)

  • Items now show engagement, such as views, shares, and likes. (Creating data for item popularity, and other sorting/filters for the future)

  • Gradi & Chill waitlist! (Paid subscription - which will be a major source of future recurring revenue)

Growth: Total Capital Raised: $468,750 Total All-Time Menu Uses: 425k+ Average Menu Users Per Day: 1,250+ Followers on Social Media: 500+ (This number will grow exponentially once launch later app versions, and begin paid promotion) Gradi V 1.3 Consumer App Users: 200+ (This number will grow exponentially once launch later app versions, and begin paid promotion) The best place to view weekly progress/updates for Gradi is on social media. Gradi Social Media Pages:

  • Instagram: @gradiapp

  • TikTok: @gradiapp

  • Twitter: @gradiofficial

We were featured on CultureMap & InnovationMap, which has over 350k readers! Here are the articles:

Click to Read: CultureMap / InnovationMap As we're continuing to grow the Gradi partnered network, it has become increasingly important that we work with nationally recognized brand names for Gradi's long-term, and short-term credibility. We're proud to announce that we're officially working with Benihana! Check out their Gradi Menu!

How did this happen? Derek, one of our investors, helped us get connected to the general manager of RA Sushi (a brand within Benihana) located in CityCenter. After one meeting between Eric, Derek, the GM, and Zach, the deal was signed!

This is the first of many large hospitality corporations that Gradi will partner with.

Goals Goals for 2023:

  • Raise the Qualified (seed) Round (this will convert your convertible note into equity!)

  • Update the Consumer app to have profiles, filters, maps, AI, etc!

  • Increase Streams of Revenue

  • Increase Revenue Per Stream

  • Grow our partnerships & strategic relationships

  • Grow Gradi Consumer App Users

  • Expand our Sales & Engineering Team

  • Launch the Gradi App on the Android Google Play Store

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the progress or process that Gradi is using to grow. We’re always happy to hear from you! Thank you!

Sincerely, Gradi, Inc.



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