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Gradi Investor Update - 07/01/2022

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

We're excited to share the progress we've made since the last update!

  • We have now started to grow the Gradi social media pages! This includes Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok! Please invite your family and friends to follow and engage with all of the new and upcoming content! Growing these channels will help with sales, marketing, raising money, and provides credibility to Gradi's overall digital presence!

  • For this, we made a deal with a local influencer that has already grown multiple businesses/pages to thousands of followers across each of these channels.

Click to follow and engage with the content on these Gradi channels:

  • Gradi is now being featured on many large local social media pages through their feed and bios. This is gathering a ton of new attention to Gradi's current and future products.


  • We now have 96 people signed up for the consumer app waitlist! Please invite your family and friends to join the waitlist as they will be within the first batch of users that will have access to the Gradi app. Here is the waitlist link:

  • Over 185,000 customers have used a Gradi menu in and around Houston, TX!

  • Here is a video from a typical day at the office between sales and engineering! The team is growing fast!

  • Gradi was recently at the Vegan Vibez event in Houston, TX which was hosted by a few members of our sales team. At the event, they focused on creating new partnered relationships, advertising relationships, as well as Gradi consumer app waitlist signups.

  • Not only did we not have to pay to be at this event, Vegan Vibez also paid for menu ads!

  • One of our reps is now going to our partnered locations to take photos of all of the menu items. Are is an example of the Salmon plate at Cru Lounge (A Gradi Partner) The detail is amazing!

We've made massive improvements to the ways that items display from the Gradi menus, these updates are important as we move into the consumer app as this is how items, and menus, will be displayed. Here is a live example:

  • Over the next few weeks, we will add the ability to add schedules and tags to items. These are just a few of the necessary features needed for the explore page filters.

  • We just recruited a new sales rep, Laura, for Austin, TX. More expansion coming soon!

  • If you have any suggestions for future restaurant, bar, club, or food truck partners, please send them our way!

  • More updates coming soon!

Thank you!

For any questions, please contact Zach or Eric.

Gradi, Inc.



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