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Gradi Investor Update - 06/01/2022

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

We're excited to share our progress for the month of May!

  • We now have a team of 3 in-house engineers who are all full-time. Here is a picture from a meeting with our engineering team:

  • The Gradi, Inc. website is officially live!!! Visit - Please take time to browse the entire website. Let us know if you have any questions or recommendations.

  • Paolo, our new full-time RevOps manager is working with us to ensure that all of our revenue streams are consistently growing m/m. He's leading our sales team, ads revenue stream, as well as creating unique marketing opportunities for growth, etc.

  • Our engineers are currently working to ensure that the Gradi Partner app is as bug-free as possible, this has already led to a much more compatible product for our partners!

  • The Gradi menus are now optimized for desktop view as well!

  • Introducing the Gradi consumer app waitlist! It's important that we begin to create a list of anticipated users, including ourselves. Please go to the homepage of the Gradi website to "Join Waitlist" Let's grow this list together!

  • Over 160,000+ customers have now used a Gradi Menu.

  • We have started doing weekly Monday and Friday sales team success meetings. Here is a picture from a meeting with our sales team, including Paolo (who is talking):

  • With our growing engineering team, we have begun to design and build preventive systems to ensure we have a defensible development environment. Examples: Recallable database backups, collaborative development tools/structure, etc.

  • Here is Grundy delivering Gradi table tents to his new partnered location! He's extremely happy to be a part of our partnered network expansion! They paid for a 6-month membership up front! That's $894 in revenue for one sale!

  • Next month, we are planning to have dinner at one of our partnered restaurants for everyone involved with Gradi. At this, we will get a group Gradi photo!

  • Here is a sneak peek of one of the slides from our revamped consumer app pitch deck. More info coming soon!

  • We will be beginning the consumer app phase one development this month!

Thank you!

For any questions, please contact Zach or Eric.

Gradi, Inc.



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