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Gradi Investor Update - 05/06/2022

Sorry for the lack of recent updates/communication, we apologize for this. However, we have been hard at work over the last few months! Here are just a few key points in our progress!

  • Over 130,000+ customers have used a Gradi Menu in and around Houston, TX.

  • We've raised a total of $418,750 so far.

  • Verbal Investment Agreement from a Houston Texans NFL player. (Name will be revealed after the deal has completed!)

  • Within the last 2 months, the Gradi Partner app has gone from only being supported on 2,000 devices to now over 17,000+.

  • We're now running ads on our menus to help support local businesses & practicing professionals. Minimum Price of $100/m (1,000 views) You can view these at the bottom of each partnered menu. Link - Gradi Menu

  • We increased the price of the product from $20/m to $149/m. Still with 0% churn.

  • We have hired 3 new engineers, 2 that are starting on May 16th. (These are engineers that have already built food apps + are winning hackathons/coding-competitions)

  • We're now on over 500 tables in and around Houston, TX.

  • We have a verbal agreement with Gallery Furniture (Mattress Mack) to run ads on our menu advertising network.

  • We also have an ad deal underway with NRG/Reliant Energy.

  • We've signed on 3 new influencers to help with sales that have a collective Houston food market following of over 100k on social media (TikTok/Instagram/YouTube). These are influencers that have established relationships with restaurants, bars, clubs, & Houstonians searching for food!

  • Created relationships with Eater, Houston Chronicle, & other press/media outlets. More info coming soon!

  • We've now introduced the explore page! This provides each menu customer a list of restaurants, bars & clubs near them. It also provides each partner with exposure to Hundreds of thousands of customers. This can be viewed by clicking the explore arrow at the top left of any Gradi Menu. Link - Gradi Menu

  • Our third newest revenue stream is to allow any of our partners to sponsor themselves on the explore page. Normally, we rank each location nearest to the customer. With the sponsored option, it will display the location at the top of the explore page (starting at $250+ per month), driving new traffic to subscribed partners. This can be seen at the top of the explore page from any Gradi Menu. Link - Gradi Menu

  • Our menus are now being used by over 30k+ customers each month. This number is consistently increasing with each new partner that joins our network.

  • With having more engineering talent on the team, as well as an ever-expanding partnered network, we will begin to double down on the Gradi Consumer app!

We appreciate each of you for believing in us! Because of you, this is possible. We welcome you to stop by the office anytime to see the work that we're doing. With our growing team, our progress & productivity will be multiplying at a much more accelerated pace!

To keep everyone up to date, we will begin posting monthly updates to this blog at the start of each month.

Thank you!

For any questions, please contact Zach or Eric.

Gradi, Inc.



K Os
K Os
May 08, 2022

Thank you for the update... sounds like things are progressing.


Brian G
Brian G
May 06, 2022

Amazing update! The final product is going to be 🔥

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