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Gradi, Inc. Q2 2023 Investor Update

Hello everyone!

I'd like to take the time to provide some recent updates and changes.

For most of Q2, things at Gradi have been quite a challenge. This is due to many factors including halted product development and decreasing funds. As a company, we're definitely experiencing the winter in our business.

Given that Gradi is still not profitable, keeping the office was not sustainable. So as of right now, we're mostly operating remotely.

The situation is challenging because we're locked into a lease that cannot be broken. To prevent the remaining balance from going to collections, I've worked out a payment plan that will allow us to get a new space at the same location once our rent is caught back up.

Unfortunately, after multiple conversations, we have still not been able to find the right candidate for our open (CTO) role that would be willing to work strictly for equity. However, the good news is, the Gradi consumer app development will be resuming shortly (we have already spoken with Khadim (our original lead engineer) who is still willing to help build Gradi even during these turbulent times. Eric and I are going to continue to bootstrap the business until we increase revenues and or raise additional funding.

Q2 2023 Progress:

  • All-Time Menu Users: 641,000+ (18%+ Growth)

  • Newly Complete Gradi Application Prototype Showing Most of the Upcoming Features and Benefits (Video Screenshare Below)

Although I would like this update to be as fresh as possible, the goals for 2023 have not changed!

Goals for 2023: (Reposted from Q1 2023 Update + a few changes)

  • NEW: Running 3rd Party (Google Ads) on the Gradi Menus

  • NEW: Begin Posting to Social Media Again. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter...

  • NEW: Raise an Additional Convertible Note Round

  • Find a CTO

  • Focus Social Media efforts on the Gradi Consumer App

  • Launch Gradi 1.5 (Profiles + Paying Content Creators)

  • Raise our Series-Seed Round (this will convert your convertible note into equity!)

  • Update the Consumer app to have profiles, filters, maps, AI, etc!

  • Increase Streams of Revenue

  • Increase Revenue Per Stream

  • Grow our partnerships & strategic relationships

  • Grow Gradi Consumer App Users

  • Expand our Sales & Engineering Team

  • Launch the Gradi App on the Android Google Play Store

Attached below is the latest, most complete prototype version of the Gradi consumer app.

Quiet mouths don't get heard. We end this update by asking that if you know any restaurants that need increased efficiencies and or any local businesses that need additional exposure please reach out to either Eric or me. We would love to work with them!

Also, If any of you know any developers or investors that like the idea of taking on Yelp, please feel free to send them our way. Talented people help to make the dream work!

Remember, we've had multiple businesses that have already been subscribed to the Gradi menus and ads service for over a year and are happy with the product and service!

No rain, no rainbow.

Please feel free to reach out with any comments, concerns, or suggestions.

Thank you.


Zachary Dowthitt

Chief Executive Officer



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